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Lots of Yummy (and maybe some not so yummy!) Doctor Who themed food ideas!
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So we had a “Doctor Two” party for my son last week and I had way too much fun with the food…

We also had beans on toast and mini-bangers and mash, but I didn’t get a picture of them.

And I know those aren’t real Jammie Dodgers, but I was making do.

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Dad told me I could make my own pizza, so naturally, I made it into the shape of a TARDIS. 


I made some marshmallow adipose for the 50th anniversary

They are led by a marshmallow 11. 

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This is from the other day but we love this.


50 Days of Doctor Who || [12/50]
      ✮ A Doctor Who-Themed Recipe → T.A.R.D.I.C.E. [Time and Relative Dimension in Cake Eating] #this is my 16th birthday cake  #from wow almost 2 years ago now  #still the best cake i’ve ever had 

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